Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Inglorious Tarantino

I'll come out right upfront and admit that I am fan of Tarantino. For me, there is no better story-teller making films today - the Coen Brothers come a close second. You know there will be lakes of blood and untold acts of random and brutal violence. But you have to look through these to see a film maker perfecting the art form.

This film is more fantasy than anything else. The characters are too alive and in-your-face to be taken seriously. It is a curious contradictory blend of evil, violence and comedy.

It is a pastiche of motifs from Westerns, Robin Hood and the Dirty Dozen. The soundtrack is again amazing. Brad Pitt's Tennessee hick drawl is so thick - in whatever language he attempts to speak - that his character transcends into farce. Christoph Waltz gives a powerful performance as the cunning SS Colonel Hans Landa know as The Jew Hunter.

The story is completely unbelievable yet it draws you in and offers an revision of history which is in many ways preferable to reality.

I'm going to score this 7.5/10

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