Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Avatar (aka Fern Gully)

With all the hype I was reluctant to be impressed. However, this film is impressive. The story is as old as time, but somehow that's not important. What is important is the lush, in every sense of the word, visualisation of this film and that does not mean that Avatar is a triumph of medium over message.

I was surprised how well the film kept moving. I did not feel it be as 'baggy' as Dr Kermode makes it out to be. I felt it could have ended three or four times before the actual end without losing any of its impact and still leaving the door open for Avatars - the sequel which must already be on the drawing board.

If you've not seen it - go and see it. If 3-D is on offer, pay the extra!

I'll give this film 8.5/10

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