Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Hangover

My daughter's choice of viewing this evening. This movie is well suited to the teen audience it aims at. A kind of Wayne's World for the current teen generation. Sadly that means that most of the storyline and dialogue are predictable, but my daughter was engaged by, and engrossed in, this film - and that's not the first time she's seen it.

Three guys take their best friend to Las Vegas for a stag night. In a well-intentioned attempt to add bon vivant, they imbibe Roofie instead of ecstasy. As the three friends wake up on the morning of the night before, they discover their $4200 a night suite is trashed. There are chickens clucking around, there is a Tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the cupboard - but their friend is nowhere to be seen. They are extremely hungover and can't remember a thing about what happened the night before and where their friend might be. So they work their way around Las Vegas encountering the Police, hospitals, Mike Tyson and the underworld as they try to work out what happened.

The wedding always looks in jeopardy - I'll leave you to discover the outcome.

An okay film for light laughs with some good characterisation. I'll give it 6/10.

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