Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Loss, dying and death in film

Today this blog went through the 100,000 page view barrier - thanks for your interest and comments.

Today was also a day I led a day's training exploring themes of loss, death and dying and we enjoyed some laughs amongst the tears! To begin with I gave a presentation surveying the territory - a copy of my paper is here - see the pages section on the right. Yes, I know it's subjective, but I wanted to stay with films I knew that would illustrate the points I was trying to get across. Then we watched A Short Stay in Switzerland (reviewed here) followed by Monsieur Lazhar (reviewed here) with plenty of discussion and reflection. We shared in some deep experiences together and learned much from one another.

A good day - thanks to those who shared in it.

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Trudi Oliver said...

It was a very good day Duncan, thank you. And thanks for the booklet it came in the post today!

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