Sunday, 13 December 2009

2012 - Schmalzy film about Noah and bed-wetting

Saw 2012 yesterday.

The momentum was maintained well throughout this film and the cgi action sequences were on the whole well done although they did become a little repetitive. How many times can you successfully take off from runways that are being consumed by an abyss opening up beneath them? How many times can nation-defining landmarks crumble into similar abyss'?

If you like apocalypse movies, you'll love this one. In the end, the human spirit and power of love conquer the best-laid governmental plans and protocols. The airborne Chinese zoo is worth a chuckle and without spoiling it, the ending is far too convenient and the story ends just when it would really start to get interesting as new kind of colonial invasion threatens. And, given the outcome, what was the point of the airborne Chinese zoo?

Worth going to see if there is nothing else on you would rather watch! I'll give it 5/10.

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